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Dan is one of the smartest people I've ever met. Seeing firsthand what he does for the mentees in his program has been inspiring. He is not just someone who gets teens into ivy league schools, but a true mentor who helps his mentees learn crucial life skills that will serve them forever.
Will Troup

CEO & Founder | TroupMedia

Watching Dan build up young adults using some of my digital marketing strategies has been very fun to watch. There are many college admissions coaches out there, but Dan is the only one I've seen that goes above and beyond in equipping his teens with the tools necessary to thrive in today's world.
Dennis Yu

CTO | YourContentFactory

After contacting Dan, I knew right away he’d be the perfect mentor to help my daughter raise the bar on her writing so that she’d have the best shot at getting into her wish list schools. Dan also helped her develop a brilliant outreach plan so that admissions officers would view her as an unforgettable candidate. My daughter ended up being admitted to her first pick—one of America’s most competitive universities. I know she’ll carry the lessons she learned from Dan well into her adult life and pay those forward to others.

Dr. Darin Klein

Director of Marketing

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